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Hi All,

The text block below is now uploaded at 

lir00-49.tgz (318823 bytes) tar archive packed with gzip. 
lir00-49.tbz (265042 bytes) tar archive packed with bzip2. 
Latest version Nov 17 2002. The new C compiler does neither 
accept multi-line literals nor multi-character character 
constants which are present in earlier versions. 
The new version does hopefully not contain any such 
statements. In earlier versions the waterfall graph 
has been plotted with incorrect frequency scale in 
some cases when the spectrum was zoomed in. This is now 
corrected. Linrad00-49 has a control interface to set 
the frequency for the hardware. The routine hwaredriver.c 
will fit the WSE RXxxxx hardware but this routine can be 
changed to fit more or less any hardware that can be 
controlled by a computer. The frequency scale is now 
shifted to show the actual radio frequency and the 
spectrum can be reversed in case the hardware produces 
an inverted spectrum. When raw data is saved in Linrads 
own format, time and frequency are now stored in the 
data file. Linrad00-49 also contains several minor bug fixes.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ