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Re: [linrad] OSS and Red Hat 8.0

I am also having frustration with sound, but have gone further than you in
that I have successfully loaded OSS on 3 machines, but so far none of them
have sound resources sufficient for the job :-(

I used to use KDE, but switched to gnome instead.   I think gnome interferes
less with the sound capability.

Good luck,

Sigurd, KJ1K

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From: "Dan Hammill" <kb5my@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2002 2:29 PM
Subject: [linrad] OSS and Red Hat 8.0

> Hi All,
> I'm having a lot of trouble loading OSS with RH 8.0.
> I've even gone as far as to disable the motherboard
> sound system, which never worked, then installed a
> new SB Audigy MP3+ and the Delta 44, then reloaded
> RH8 from scratch with only the KDE interface.  That
> worked with the stock sound drivers, as I was able
> to get sound out of the Audigy OK - but only after
> running the KDE mixer application at least once and
> saving the settings.
> The install instructions on the opensound.com web
> site (particularly those dealing with disabling the
> stock sound drivers) seem to indicate a slightly
> different directory structure than what I'm seeing
> with this distribution.  I guess that's why the
> automatic driver disabling option that OSS offered
> me during installation didn't work.
> Has anyone here had recent success loading OSS on
> RH8?  I'd be interested in knowing the specific
> steps you followed to make it load/work.  BTW - my
> RH8 Pro is from a brand-new boxed set (the download
> version had bugs).
> I've been at this every day since last Sunday, so
> I've already blown past the peak of my frustration
> curve - HI.  I'm hoping to have this working for
> the next half of the EME contest.  TIA for any and
> all help.
> TNX & 73,
> Dan  KB5MY
> p.s. - Stewart, KK7KA, wanted to know if I had Linux
>        working directly with my StarBand hardware.
>        Unfortunately, no.  I use my primary Win2K
>        machine as a router with the WinProxy for
>        StarBand proxy server software.  It seems to
>        work OK.  Even though my wife and I share the
>        connection, there has been no serious impact
>        on the Win2K machine's performance, and it's
>        only a P-II/400.