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Linrad user interface

Dear Leif,

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Leif Asbrink wrote:

> > Lief, on a side subject, have you considered spliting the user interface
> > from the processing code for linrad? Another area of problems for many
> > folks is the svgalib configuration. In all my machines I had to tweak the
> > svga config to get it working. Although X11 consumes a good ammount of
> > resources, I believe it would be easier to deal than svgalib.
> No. I have no experience with X11 so I have no idea how to do it.
> I am sure it would be easy for someone familiar to X11 and I would
> gladly incorporate it as an option if someone else makes the X11 related
> things. Linrad needs a few graphic functions:
> 1) get screen size
> 2) get font size
> 3) get mouse x,y and button status
> 4) set pixel
> 5) write string
> 6) get box
> 7) put box
> Maybe  I forgot something.
> I could call through some interface routine that could be
> supplied in a svgalib and an X11 version.

One possible way to free the user interface dependency on one single API
is to separate the user interface code from the DSP code completely
(different processes). The communication could be done using Internet
sockets and a simple client-server protocol. With this approach, user
interface developpers need only to follow the protocol specifications and
DSP developpers don't have to worry about user interface issues. Another 
advantage is that the DSP code could even run on a separate machine.

What do you think, Leif?


-- Edson, pu1jte, n1vtn, 7n4ncl