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Re: [linrad] Delta44 board

See below:

Thanks for the information.

Sigurd, KJ1K

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Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 7:31 PM
Subject: RE: [linrad] Delta44 board

> HI, Sigurd!
> I am sure you know but others may not, that the 1010LT is a different
> card than the 44.

I suspected that they were different, but the vendor sold it to me as a
Delta44  board.

> See:  http://www.midiman.net/products/m-audio/delta.php
> http://www.midiman.net/products/m-audio/deltastory.php compares the
> Delta cards.
> Note that while the OSS driver fully supports the Delta44, the OSS site
> says about the 1010LT "OSS 3.9.6e version includes BETA drivers for some
> new M Audio cards
> (410, TDIF and 1010LT). They have not been fully tested yet."
> I don't know about OSS 3.9.7e.
> This may be part of your problem.
> The Ports Linrad expects input on depends on how you have it set up.
> Linrad expects its input to go to [in] Port 1 of the Delta 44 for single
> pol non IQ

I will buy an XLT connector tommorow so I can try that.

> Ports 1 and 2 of the Delta 44 for H and V, non-IQ, or for IQ single
> channel
> Ports 1-4 for H and V IQ.
> Since I use a second sound card for output, I can't speak from
> experience but I would expect Linrad would put output to Ports 1 and 2
> out.  Also, for the same reason I have never tried Delta44 on 11025, as
> it is input and I run it at 96000 Hz.  The PCI64 I use as output does
> fine with 11025.
> I apologize if any of the above is incorrect.  I am not a Linux guy and
> I only pipe up with answers here when no one else does, in order to lend
> a hand. :)
> Then I get corrected ;)
> 73,
> Roger Rehr
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