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RE: [linrad] Sound: Recording overflow

Hi Joe,
> I have managed to get Linrad running in Boston, but I have one problem I
> can't solve.  
> When I switch from Linrad to another virtual terminal, for example to fool
> around with aumix settings, I get the message "Sound: Recording overflow"
> sent over and over.
Yes. Linrad uses svgalib and if you switch away the console Linrad will
fail setting pixels on the screen, It will just wait until setpixel
becomes successful (returns from svgalib). As a consequence the audio 
input overflows because data is never taken care of. 

You have to escape from Linrad before switching console - or perhaps,
if you are lucky it may be possible to tell the sound system to not
bother you with the error messages. My system does not accept console
swithing safely. Sometime Linrad crashes. With Linrad00-48 I have been
able to recover by killing Linrad from another console but in earlier
versions the big reset button was the only escape. I think the problem
on my system is outside Linrad and the improvement in 00-48 is that
the idle loop (in wcw.c) now gives the kernel some time by going to 
sleep for short intervals now and then. 


Leif  /  SM5BSZ