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Re: [Linrad] eme data base in linrad

Hi Jurgen,

> Now I have some freetime I am tweaking my Linrad , and I like to use
> the emedir function.
> Anyone of you has tranlated latest call3.txt converted to the
> needed .dta and.skd files for Linrad ?
> Or a  hint where to download ?

Linrad Reads four files:
char *eme_allcalls_filename={"/home/emedir/allcalls.dta"};
char *eme_emedta_filename={"/home/emedir/eme.dta"};
char *eme_dirskd_filename={"/home/emedir/dir.skd"};
char *eme_call3_filename={"/home/emedir/CALL3.TXT"};

Information is collected from all of them and if there
are any differences they are listed in
char *eme_error_report_file={"/home/emedir/location_errors.txt"};
so you can decide which infromation you want to remove from
one of the files.

It is a long time since I worked with this and I do not
know whether the format of call3.txt may have changed.
NOTE: Under linux you must use the file name CALL3.TXT
with capital letters.


Leif / SM5BSZ


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