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[Linrad] Re: Two Linrad on one PC under Linux

> I want to host two linrad on a Linux PC with an SDR-IQ, as shown in
> http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/run/network.htm
> But it seems that the master one, which receives from SDR-IQ and sends
> out packets, occupies /dev/dsp as output. So the slave one which
> receives packets from the master one could not use /dev/dsp for
> output.
> How can I do that on a PC with only one sound card. Can I force the
> master linrad to release /dev/dsp since I don't want to listen from
> it?
When using two instances of Linrad you are normally running
in a graphical environment, X11 or MS Windows. In both cases
it is possible to open the same soundcard output from two
different programs.

I think output channel mixing is supplied by the device driver
under Microsoft. Creative normally supplies it, but some of
the others do not.

When pointed to it, it seems natural to allow the user to
select "no audio output." He might want to save the audio in
a disk file or just ignore it. In case it turns out to be
easy I will include such a feature.


Leif / SM5BSZ

> Another question. I want to write a small program which can feed my
> data to linrad over ethernet. Is there a special packet format linrad
> uses for 16bit raw data (All I know is that they're UDP packets)?
> > 

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