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R: [Linrad] Windows Network

Hi Leif. 

I read just this morning in the office of your answers about the network in 

Here at office i have two different PC I did some tests. 

Using the local network to 100mb and 10mb get both: 

Network write error: WSAEWOULDBLOCK 

I tried to disconnect the network cable and use a virtual 
 Microsoft Loopback adapter (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/839013 ). 

In this case the error written into the file of dmp Linrad is: 

Network write error: unknown 

Perhaps because the loopback adapter does not return the error ?!?. 
This evening return home to try with 2 PCs that are networked.

73 Ermanno / ik7ezn

>----Messaggio originale----
>Da: leif@xxxxxxxxxx
>Data: 17/12/2008 5.00
>A: "linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Ogg: [Linrad] Windows Network
>Hi All,
>As it turns out, I find it impossible (now) to work 
>with the network problem under Windows.
>Without an Ethernet cable it seems I can not send
>anything between two programs via the network under
>Windows. (I also tried Linrad-02.47) 
>At home I found problems with the network speed when
>using watzo at a sampling rate of 1 MHz, but the problem
>could be solved by unplugging the network cable.
>Seems something inside Windows was configured by
>having had an ethernet cable configured(?)
>The error message says host unreachable for the moment:-(
>Anyone knows what to do to send data internally in a computer
>under Windows when there is no external network? 
>Under Linux everything works fine (as usual...)
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