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[Linrad] Linrad-02.55

Hi All,

The new version is available here:
(at the bottom of the page)

The below problems reported by Ermanno, IK7EZN are
not taken care of in this version. I will look at it 
to see if I can find a solution. When -1 is returned
under Windows, WSAGetLastError will give an error code.
I will do some experimentation and add some code that
will help analyzing the problem.

The change in the network is that it is now no longer
in blocking mode because that created problems with
loss of data from the input with phase jumps and a
reduced number of samples per second.
Now, with non-blocking sendto calls, network congestion
shows up as errors in sendto instead.

There might be no error in Linrad, maybe Ermannos
Ethernet is too slow. Under Windows I have to disconnect
the Ethernet cable to allow high speed network transfer
between two programs within my Windows computer.
Windows reports a sendto error if data is sent to the
Ethernet cable at a rate above its capabilities.

I know very little about networking. I will add something
to the code to make it easier to understand what goes on.
I hope someone else will be able th shed some light on how
to set up the network for internal communication. I guess
it should be possible to not sent internal network data
to the Ethernet at all.

I have not seen the missing amplitude information on
my computer. It may depend on some parameter combination
I have not tried. I did make some changes in associated 
timing variables to suppress the A/D speed error that 
incorrectly shows up at the beginning of some processing 
sessions (particularly recorded files.)

I guess 02-56 will become available next time I pay for
a day with WLAN access:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ

This afternoon I quickly tried the new version 02.54. 
In windows constantly there are errors net_write_error (see attach). 
I saw that NET_WRITTEN always returns -1 and sizeof(NET_RX_STRUCT is 
correctly 1416. 
In linux (Ubuntu 8.10) is ok without errors on the same PC. 
I noticed that pressing the A key does not see the numberical display 
amplitudes in Windows and in Linux. 

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