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R: [Linrad] Linrad-02.54

Hi Leif.
This afternoon I quickly tried the new version 02.54. 
In windows constantly there are errors net_write_error (see attach). 
I saw that NET_WRITTEN always returns -1 and sizeof(NET_RX_STRUCT is 
correctly 1416. 
In linux (Ubuntu 8.10) is ok without errors on the same PC. 
I noticed that pressing the A key does not see the numberical display 
amplitudes in Windows and in Linux. 
Happy holidays

73 Ermanno / ik7ezn

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>Da: leif@xxxxxxxxxx
>Data: 13/12/2008 1.05
>A: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Ogg: [Linrad] Linrad-02.54
>Hi All,
>There is a new version available here:
>(at the bottom of the page)
>The mirror sites are not updated. I am on 
>holidays and forgot to bring the login info....
>Leif / SM5BSZ
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