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Re: R: [Linrad] One PC?

On Dec 10, 9:43 pm, "ik7...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <ik7...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Be careful to adjust the levels Linrad to have max 4 or 5 dB rx noise in
> MAP65 to get good decodes.

How is that best done?  I have a Delta 44 card, Windows XP SP3 and the
driver and panel at version

I only seem to be able to change the Rx:  dB reading in MAP65 by
changing on the
M-Audio Delta Control Panel's input tab by the +4dB / con / -10dB
selections.  The
controls on the  mixer tab for 1/2 in and 3/4 in seem to do nothing.
It also doesn't
seem to matter if I have "disable asio direct monitoring" checked or
Setting -10 dB gives a RX: 12 dB,  con gives 6.4 dB, and +4dB gives
RX: 1.7dB.

Have I missed some other way to set the values?

My WSE converters seem to be 1KHz higher that what people are saying
they are
on and also the Freq I find them on my FT-100 with WSJT6.  They also
seemed to drift for
a while and I have to point a large fan on them to reduce the drift.
Note that my QTH
is about 2000 meters in elevation!    I also have to cool my power
amps blower fan motor with a fan
to keep it from overheating.

How long does it take your WSE converters to stop drifting?

I have to put WSJT6 in a different directory than MAP65 is in so I can
run both at the
same time. I also have my PC set to the GMT time zone to have the
right time show in

Has anybody else wished that one could select the input (Left/Right)
channel that WSJT is
using for its input?

Being able to do that would allow to have MAP65 running for the
overall view using the Delta 44 audio
card and then two radios could feed two versions of WSJT to have a
close up look at the H and V
signals. When I find out how to set the LINRAD input levels to improve
my decodes I hope I will
not need to run WSJT6 at the same time.

To see some screen captures of my running this combination check out
the jpeg file at:

  WSE drift:

  K6MYC decode:

  K6MYC decode with M-Audio control panel set to -10dB:

  K6MYC decode with M-Audio control panel set to con:

  Linrad/MAP65/WSJT6  K6MYC decode with M-Audio control panel set to

  Linrad/MAP65/WSJT6 DK5LA exchanges  Transmitting during the screen

  Linrad/MAP65/WSJT6 F6APE exchanges with Include average in
aggressive Deep Search

If you see anything set wrong please let me know.

If it helps the receive part of my station is:

   Two  2MCP22 converted to XPOL
   H MHP-145 preamp
   V Landwehr preamp
   LMR-400 cable  M2 power dividers

Maybe I expecting too much from my 15+dB antenna array.
But I did decode OK1TEH last night at -25 dB the other night.


Randy WI7P

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