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[Linrad] Re: Ubuntu 8.10

Hi Randy and all,

Sorry for my delayed response.  Too much going on around 
here ...

For the past year or so my code development work for Linux 
has been done under Ubuntu (actually Kubuntu) 8.04.1, and 
for Windows under Win/XP with SP3.

		-- 73, Joe, K1JT

wi7p wrote:
> Joe,
> What are your current platforms?
> I would like to know what Linux distribution and release you are using
> for development.
> Thanks
>       Randy WI7P
> On Nov 23, 8:23 pm, Joe Taylor <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I like to have stable O/S installations in both Windows and Linux that I
>>can use both for program development and for operating.  I tend to stay
>>with these installations, essentially unchanged, for at least several years.
>>Because it's relevant to discussions that have taken place on the WSJT
>>developers reflector, I am copying this message to that forum, as well.
>>        -- 73, Joe, K1JT

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