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[Linrad] Re: WSE / Delta44 / Linad / MAP65 Windows local host setup

Hello Randy,

> Does WSE/Linad/MAP65 need to swap I&Q when using M-Audio's cable?
No. (But in case I and Q would need to be swapped a better idea
would be to change the sign of fg.passband_direction. This would
be done by adding your own users_hwaredriver.c and compile.

> I am trying to get that combination running Windows XP Home edition
> Service
> Pack 3 on the same computer. I am using the Weak Signal Equipment for
> the front
> end with a M-Audio Delta-44 card. I am using the audio cable that came
> with the
> Delta-44.

> I think I am close. You can check out a screen dump at:
> I was sending "CQ WI7P DN40" on another computer into a FT726 with
> dummy load.
> I can see/hear the tones on Linrad and see them on MAP65 but it is not
> decoding them.
I never used the Linrad/MAP65 combination myself, but I know timing
is essential for decoding. I hope someone else will help here:-)

> One clue might be that to get Winrad to receive a USB signal I had to
> set it to
> LSB or select "Swap I and Q channels" under ShowOptions.
> Is there a selection that I have missed in Linrad to do the same
> thing?

> A note for Leif. It took me a while to find out which control set the
> WSE frequency.
>                       I missed that in the documents I have been
> looking at.
Hmmm, the section on "running Linrad" on the Linrad Home Page is
getting old (Written 2001) and very much information is missing.

Some day I should rewrite this part and add those windows
(freq control and several more ones) that are missing.

The way Linrad is intended to be used first time is like this:

1) Press F1 on the main menu. (Keyboard commands)

2) Press F1 on the receive screen with the mouse on an
empty space. This will show all mouse controls.

3) Investigate the controls (all of them) by placing the mouse
on them one after the other, and press F1.

4) When any of the help texts does not make sense, post
a question to this mailing list.

Help is also available in the parameter setting menus, 
place the mouse on the line of interest and press F1.

> The versions I am running are:
> 	Winrad V 1.32 Build 020   // WSEControl
You do not need this to run Linrad. Use it in case you want
to use the WSE units with Winrad.

> 	Linrad-02.47 Made modifications given by Alex HB9DRI to have it work
> as
>              a local host. Thanks all!
In Linrad-02.53 you can select any address by setting the last
number in the address =-1. That will make Linrad read the file
par_network_ip for a single line of text with an IP address. 


Leif / SM5BSZ

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