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[Linrad] WSE / Delta44 / Linad / MAP65 Windows local host setup

Does WSE/Linad/MAP65 need to swap I&Q when using M-Audio's cable?

I am trying to get that combination running Windows XP Home edition
Pack 3 on the same computer. I am using the Weak Signal Equipment for
the front
end with a M-Audio Delta-44 card. I am using the audio cable that came
with the

I think I am close. You can check out a screen dump at:

I was sending "CQ WI7P DN40" on another computer into a FT726 with
dummy load.

I can see/hear the tones on Linrad and see them on MAP65 but it is not

One clue might be that to get Winrad to receive a USB signal I had to
set it to
LSB or select "Swap I and Q channels" under ShowOptions.

Is there a selection that I have missed in Linrad to do the same

I have placed copies of my Linrad Config files at:

I also listened for signals off of the moon this morning but only had
false decodes.

I hope I can find someone in the USA with the same hardware who is
willing to help me.

A note for Leif. It took me a while to find out which control set the
WSE frequency.
                      I missed that in the documents I have been
looking at.

The versions I am running are:

	Winrad V 1.32 Build 020   // WSEControl

	Linrad-02.47 Made modifications given by Alex HB9DRI to have it work
             a local host. Thanks all!

	MAP65 Version 0.9 r1026

	M-audio driver Version  Panel Version: 1.03.16-2.1.04

Thanks for any help!

Randy  WI7P

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