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[Linrad] Re: Linrad for newcomers

Hello Leif ,

after a nigth sleep , angryness dissipated , and I'm ready to try again. I 
recalled that my UBUNTU installation has been done without Internet 
connected , so it is possible it is not complete. Since that I connected the 
network cable , the internet connexion is runing , but I would like to 
re-install from zero , just to be sure. Unfortunately , when I try to boot 
from the installation CD , as the system sees UBUNTU is already installed , 
the complete installation is not runing , for sure something is done , as 
the delay to get the system working is long , but no questions asked , like 
password , user name, ect , are not asked , this make me think it is not a 
real installation which is done.
Is there another way than formating the disk to wipe out the old Ubuntu?

I also found an old mail from W3SZ who told me that under UBUNTU , the usual 
copy way to get a file should not be used , but the apt-get procedure is 
necessary ( this is why Internet connexion is necessary)


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