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Re: Second mod for lsetad.c in linrad-02.50

Hi Leif,

On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 22:46 +0200, Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hi Pierre,
> > Because I forgot to make notes when you showed me in Firenze 
> > how to switch from RX to TX :-(
> Oooh! It is automatic. Just talk:-)
> But you have to set the devices with in the Tx setup menu.
> (and enable tx while receiving)
This works now :-)
> The output would be useless because it is shifted to be
> in the range 15 to 40 kHz or something like that.
> Linrad-02.50 will produce a shift in the range 
> +/- 25% of the output Nyquist frequency.
> (Normally zero, arrows give step size 10Hz)

Which arrows ?

> I have an old Japanese transceiver on which I will test
> the Linrad speech processor and write up the results
> on a new page.

If I feed the TX ouput to the RX input I now hear and understand  what I
am saying in the mike ;-)  (with some delay )
Both output cards, Maudio delta44 and the Edirol usb, perform equally
The delta44 at 96000 and 4 bytes, the Edirol at 96000 and 2 bytes
(according to what the selection menu tells me in native alsa )