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[Linrad] Re: Map65 reports "No Rx data"

Hi Jeff

Regarding the problem you report, I was last weekend in the 13th EME
Conference in Florence, Italy and I had enough time to talk with Joe, K1JT
and Leif SM5BSZ regarding this problem, I was there with one computer and we
reproduce the problem. To fix that you need to modify the source code in
Linrad. I'm not sure but apparently the latest version is listening on the
IP (local host) but if you see Linrad is transmitting on

I'm running Linrad+MAP65 on the same computer, Leif and Joe show me how to
modify the source code in Linrad to transmit the data on the standard local
host IP (

I'm just back from Italy yesterday but I promise Joe and Leif to publish and
small guide here how to adapt the network part in Linrad, especially if you
want to run both programs in same computer. The big advantage will be no
more sync two clocks and off course the space in your shack.

Let me know if you are interested on that procedure, I think the latest
version in MAP65 have and small bug in this part but more info you can
receive from Joe.

Best regards

Alex Artieda
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