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[Linrad] Re: Perseus with Linrad

Hi Corneliu,
> Is anyone using Perseus with Linrad?
> Is it necessary to calibrate Perseus to use the smart blanker?
Yes. Or rather Linrad needs a calibration file from where it can
collect the pulse shapes for your hardware. The calibration
procedure gives some freedom to the user to optimise his system
for different purposes, but for the Perseus I do not think it
is very interesting to go much above 80% bandwidth usage because
of the aliasing that would then become visible so for the Perseus
it would be possible to supply a calibration file for each sampling 

I have been on travel for a couple of days and I have some other 
things to attend to, but with time I will give whatever support 
needed to make you, and anyone else who might be interested, able 
to use Perseus in an optimal way with Linrad:-)

In the meantime, use the dumb blanker. It is far more clever 
than any conventional blanker you might find in other receivers.
Analog or SDRs.


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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