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[Linrad] Linrad 2.43 stable here

I have been able to run 2.43 on my Windows Vista 64 bit O/S, but I can't seem to get
past writing the parameters ("W") with higher versions - the screen just locks up.
Is there something I am doing wrong?

Of course, I really haven't figured out yet how to set up and use 2.43, so maybe that
is all I will ever need ;-) TNX and 73, Lance
Lance Collister, W7GJ (ex: WN3GPL, WA3GPL, WA1JXN, WA1JXN/C6A, ZF2OC/ZF8)
P.O. Box 73
Frenchtown, MT 59834 USA
TEL: (406) 626-5728
URL: http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj
2m DXCC #11/6m DXCC #815

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