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[Linrad] ALSA/4Front, Linrad-02.45b

Hi Pierre,

> Linrad-02.45a solved the setup bug  for OSS/4Front here.
> Thanks :-)
> There are however still a number of minor bugs in other parts of the
> setup dialogs:
> 1.The maximum value one can enter for the dma-rate is 109 and not 999.
> This is the case for Native Alsa  as well as for OSS/4Front. 
> 2. In the setup dialog for non-native ALSA, there is a problem with the
> selection of the sampling speed: it is impossible to enter the value
> 96000.

Oooh! I changed lir_get_integer to allow for -1 to signal to the ALSA
setup that the user would like to use an SDR-14 or similar. I did not
check it properly so most parameter input functions fail rendering
02-45a rather useless....

I have now uploaded linrad-02.45b


Leif / SM5BSZ

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