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Re: Linrad and Tac32

Thanks Roger and Alberto.
gpedit is only available in XP Pro, not XP Home.
I might have a look at Process Priority Optimizer sometime,
though it hardly seems worth the effort!

Likewise I take your point Alberto,
but recompiling Linrad for each new version released is probably as
much bother
as just using Task Manager each time I start Linrad :-)

It's not a big deal really.
It just seems amazing that you can't set a program's priority in
as part of its properties.

Thanks to both of you,

Guy  VK2KU

On Mar 21, 10:55 pm, AdB <adib...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  > There doesn't seem to be any way to lock in the chosen priority,
>  > without having to set it anew with Task Manager each time Linrad is
>  > started.
>  > Am I missing something here?
> Given that Linrad is open source, you could recompile it (at least the Windows version) after inserting this statement
> in the initialization phase of the program :
>        SetPriorityClass(GetCurrentProcess(), processPriority);
> where processPriority is a DWORD that can be assigned (among others) either the value NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS or
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