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Cleaning up the spectra


I've recently calibrated the Linrad setup, based upon the WSE-modules
on 10.7 MHz, based upon Leif's guidelines and partly described on the
following homepage: http://users.skynet.be/on7eh/Linrad.htm with
accessible measurement instruments.

Despite spectacular results with the autospur removal feature, there
are still a lot of "untamed" spurs, birdies visible; see e.g. the
screenshot taken during the last 2m EME Dubus CW activity event.
(bottom of the homepage)

It is annoying to click on a carrier to find out it is a birdy...so I
wonder what else could be tried to improve the situation besides an
optimisation of the automatic spur removal feature parameters?
(this is with an inactive photovoltaic cells inverter)

I've not gone so far to "box the desktop" but I've put ferrites on the
PC peripherals.
The 2m setup includes the antenna, relay, LNA1, 2m bpf, LNA2,
attenuator and the WSE converters with Delta 44.

Thanks in advance,

Michel, ON7EH

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