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Re: Fast computers.

Hi Leif,

Thanks for your recent comments on Linrad's output sampling 

Perhaps I have been overly naive in my thinking, and I have 
not done anything to try out these ideas ... but I have long 
thought it would be handy to be able to use my Delta44 for 
Linrad's sound output as well as input.  I understand that 
this would mean an output sample rate of 96000 Hz in my case 
-- an order-of-magnitude greater than necessary for CW or 
SSB audio output.  But simple external (analog) filtering 
could always be applied to remove the high-audio-frequency 
spurs created by simple-minded "upsampling" or the data.

As an extreme example, could you not pretend that the output 
sample rate will be 12000 Hz, and then just output each 
sample 8 times in succession to the sound card?  Or do a 
simple linear or second-order interpolation?  The generated 
spurs would mostly be at much higher frequencies than those 
of interest?  Would this be workable?

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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