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Re: Ozy/Janus and Linrad

No, that would not be the case ,, ozy/janus do not look like a pc
sound card. I have been able to get hold of some early source that
connects janus/ozy to the jack audio connection kit .. but I think I'd
have to modify linrad to be a jack client in order for that to be
useful. At this point I'm playing around with the ozyjack code plus
dttsp and a java gui interface. Once that's all working properly
perhaps I'll look at hooking linrad to it. I'm definitely not
interested in windows solutions ..

de w1rt/john

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 6:24 PM, nh7o <nh7o@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  If I'm not mistaken, does not Ozy/Janus work through porgrams like
>  PowerSDR and WinRad? If so, then it would be much the same for Linrad,
>  which just needs the IQ inputs. If the sound hardware  works like any
>  other sound card as far as the OS is concerned, then you should be
>  good to go.
>  Al nh7o
> >

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