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Re: A couple of keyboard command ideas

Hi Al,

> After tuning around in the DX contest this last week end, I was
> thinking that it would be a good thing to have the arrow keys be
> useful for tuning and baseband filter control.  The left-right arrows
> could tune up or down one fft bin. The up-down arrows could increase
> or decrease the filter width. This would be better than using the
> mouse, at least for me, in contest situations where one is typing
> frequently anyway.
> Easy? Hopefully.
Yes, I added it for Linrad-02.44:-)

This version is another one with significant changes that will 
need careful testing. I found a bug that has been presend since 
02-00 (multithreading) I have made the output routine faster
for high sampling rates. Now the output thread that moves data 
from a Linrad buffer to the output device may be busy when
the operator reconfigures the memory due to an output format
change. Before, due to the slow speed it never happaned
(or seldomly,) the output thread was always waiting on a semaphore
when the operator asked for a memory reorganization. Linrad-02-44
is re-structured and many things that were introduced to take'
care of bugs in early versions of ALSA and OSS are now removed.

The arrow keys you asked for will be a bit delayed becayse the
structural change needs testing under several older kernels and
sound systems. I want Linrad to continue to behave well on
older platforms where the latest sound drivers do not work.
Such testing is slow....


Leif / SM5BSZ

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