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Re: Piping audio from Linrad to other applications?

I see you are looking at the Echo Indigo. I have one. I use it with my 
laptop and about 100 pounds of mics, mixer and cables to record a band I 
play in. Be aware, unless Echo has solved their problem, that boot up 
with a Windows XP machine is a bit of a crap shoot. I sometimes have to 
try three or four times before I can get it all to play. I am not a 
computer guy, but I am not the problem. The symptoms are that the laptop 
freezes during boot and you just have to start over an over until it 
works. You have to keep the the Echo unplugged, start the laptop, plug 
in the Echo "at some point" during the boot so the laptop will recognize 
the Echo, but past the point where the Echo causes the laptop to freeze. 
I was never able to determine just what "that point" was. It is a mess. 
When I called Echo they acknowledged the situation, but defined it as a 
problem with the Windows O/S. Right! The flea complains that the 
Elephant won't let it on for the ride....


nh7o wrote:
>> Have a look here: http://jackaudio.org/
> Yes, I have used JACK a bit with my home recording, and it is the tool
> for the job and works well. But to use it, the applications have to be
> JACK compliant and connect to the daemon rather than the sound card
> directly.
> I assume Linrad uses OSS for its audio I/O? I see there is an
> application called oss2jack, which hopefully provides a layer to allow
> an oss application to use the JACK server. Installation looks like a
> bit of a journey, but hey, this is Linux. I suspect this functionality
> is available directly in ALSA as well, but it is a long road to
> decifer the .asoundrc syntax, at least for me.
>> I suggest you use head-phones. Then any cheap soundcard should
>> be perfectly adequate for listening:-)
> The real problem is more about the poor IMD characteristics of this
> internal sound, and the dismal noise floor. I am looking at the Echo
> Indigo I/O PCMCIA for better sound. But already I am impressed at how
> the SDR makes for a real difference in tuning and searching for
> signals on 40M. Watching the pileup last night on VP6DX was
> entertaining :)
> > 

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