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First-time user of linrad

Hello All

I've just started to use linrad on my linux debian/sid pc. I have a
Firefly SDR (a 30m tx/rx a bit like a softrock but with a VCXO qrp tx)
which I'm using to get accustomed to the SDR feel of things. My
ultimate destination is for 10GHz. but that's another story...

My initial impressions are ...wow! The software is crammed with useful
stuff that I can tweak.

However, despite my best efforts with the configs and reading Leif's
website end-to-end I can't get the system into proper I/Q mode - eg
with 48KHz sampling I see the spectrum mirrored about 24KHz. I've
tried with two sound devices: internal ALC888 and external USB SB Live
with the same results so it doesn't look like a driver issue. The
sound system itself (ALSA) seems to work ok in stereo as evidenced by
other programs like baudline so I should be able to get both I & Q
channels into the PC ok.

So I guess in my unfamiliarity with linrad I've goofed up the
configuration somehow. Any ideas welcome - I could post the configs in
the files section if that helps (and it's ok by the group to do this)


Chris g3wie
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