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Re: Linrad-02.41

Hi Dave,

> Is this a windows executale file or Linux?
There are three files.

wlr2-41.zip contains linrad.exe, help.lir and errors.lir and
runs under Windows. I am curious to know whether it runs
under Vista.

lir02-41.tbz and lir02-41.zip have exactly the same contents,
they are just packed with different programs. This is the 
source code for Linrad and it compiles equally well under
Windows as under Linux. Maybe also FreeBsd. The tools to
compile can be downloaded from 
mingw.zip and nasm about 15 megabytes. 

Just download, mingw and unzip in the specified 
directory "C:\MINGW" and execute the file mingw.exe
Then unzip nasm into "C:MINGW\BIN"

To compile Linrad from source, first type "CONFIGURE"
then MAKE when logged to the directory where you have
the Linrad source code from lir02-41.zip

If you change something in the source code, just type MAKE

Only if you add files (users_extra.c of users hwaredriver.c)
to get your own functions you have to re-run CONFIGURE to
get a new "Makefile" for the make command (make.bat) to 
operate on.

  The above is the standard way I always use when 
uploading a new Linrad version.


Leif / SM5BSZ 

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