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Re: MAP65/Linrad


I too am running 2 screens on a single computer,
one for Linrad and the other for WSJT but intended for MAP65.
I can't yet run MAP65 in anger, because the 66.666MHz sampling rate
for my SDR-IQ can not be decimated down to the 96kHz now required by
Everything seems ok, and I can run tests on MAP65 without Linrad
falling over.

The important thing is to have enough RAM.
Linrad will fall over if enough memory is not available.
Joe K1JT once said that you need about 1250MB of RAM to run Linrad and
I have 1.5GB, just enough I hope, else I will jack it up to 2GB.

System here is 2.8GHz Celeron running XP.
Good luck,

Guy  VK2KU
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