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[Linrad] MAP65-IQ not decoding

Hi all,

I found that map65iq not always decodes when it should have. To
reproduce this I made a setup with 2 laptops.
laptop 1 running WSJT6 the "old" way and Laptop 2 running linrad 3.03
and MAP65-IQ. The receiver(s) where tuned to the GB3VHF beacon which
is sending a JT65b message every minute.
Laptop 1 produced positive decodes and I saved the wav files. On
Laptop 2 with no decodes I saved the map65iq.raw (187Mb) input file.

The files can be downloaded: http://www.pe1itr.com/map65iq/

Maybe someone of the group can investigate the files and maybe find
some answers why map65-iq is not decoding in this situation.


73 Rob PE1ITR
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