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[Linrad] Linrad says No Soundcard Detected

Hi Roger,

> When I try to run Linrad 03.08 [stock pre-compiled version, installed 
> directly from the zip file on Leif's Linrad HomePage] I get the message 
> "No soundcard detected" upon typing "U" to set up the soundcards.
Presumably there is no WMME driver on your system.
The other types of drivers will be supported relatively soon through
Here is some info about what is coming:

> This computer has a Core2Duo Intel Atom D945GCLF2D motherboard with 
> onboard sound and the RealTek High Definition Audio sound driver.  It 
> does not have another soundcard installed.  The onboard sound works fine 
> for other apps, and the RealTek High Definition Audio sound driver shows 
> up fine under the Device Manager 'Sound, Video, and Game Controllers' 
> heading.  Clicking on the device listing to determine the device status 
> gives the indication that 'The device is working properly', which it is 
> for other applications and Windows Sound.  I didn't have this problem 
> [that I recall] when I used this same motherboard with Windows XP.  I 
> can't go back and check that right now, however.
Presumably you can find the XP drivers for the RealTek High Definition 
Audio and get Linrad running with them under Win 7. Not really recommended 
because WMME drivers under Windows 7 use the horrible audiodg.exe:

 Leif / SM5BSZ


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