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[Linrad] A possible new input device

This product notice is on the flex-radio site.

FlexRadio Systems is proud to announce the first deliveries of their
new CDRX-3200 HF/IF Channelizing Digitizer to a U.S. Government
customer. The CDRX-3200 leverages FlexRadio Systems' superior Software
Defined Radio (SDR) technology to provide up to thirty-two
synchronous, 200kHz bandwidth receiver channels - each delivering
greater than 100dB two-tone, third order close spaced dynamic range.
"We're very excited that our proven SDR technology has been accepted
by the government and commercial communications sectors to meet their
demanding requirements" said Gerald Youngblood, CEO and founder of
FlexRadio Systems.  The CDRX-3200 is ideal for applications such as
signal intelligence and exploitation, geolocation, cognitive radio
applications, and real-time signal analysis.  The thirty-two channels
on the CDRX-3200 may be tuned independently or synchronously over an
input range of 100kHz to 100MHz.  The output is streamed over Gigabit
Ethernet using the VITA-49 communications standard.

For more information on the CDRX-3200, contact the FlexRadio Systems
Sales department at +1 (512) 535-5266 or sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

John k1vbm


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