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[Linrad] Re: Polswitching from H / V Antenna

Hi Carsten,

> > Besides having the correct signal level into MAP65 you must also
> what is the right level  ?
I do not remember. It is written somewhere in the MAP65 documentation.

> > you must also have the correct time
> The time in Linrad is the same as in MAP65 - same PC  - .
> - sync by Dimension 4
Well, I have no experience with that. I would verify by checking
dt from MAP65;-)

> What is the way to calibrate the WSE and the filters ?
> What level the WSE need for calibrate ?
The unit that needs calibration is the RX2500. For I/Q balancing
it does not matter if you send the signal into 2.5, 10.7, 70 or 
144 MHz. Use what is convenient - but connect both channels.

For the filter calibration, send pulses into the 10.7 MHz inputs.
The frequency response is a little affected by the feed impedance
into the RX2500 because it uses noiseless feedback and that 
means that the input impedance to the 2.5 MHz filter will
be a little affected.

Read the section about calibration on the Linrad Home Page:
And follow the links there.



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