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[Linrad] Re: Linrad and MAP65IQ not working

Hi Jeff,

I'm sure that people here will be happy to help you get 
MAP65-IQ running properly.

I need some additional information, to get started.

> I am able to get Linrad and Winrad working very nicely however.

Are you really using both Linrad and Winrad?  Why?  Winrad 
has nothing to do with MAP65-IQ.

> The problem is that when MAP65IQ tries to decode the first sequence of
> data, the clock freezes on MAP65 and there are no decode but the MAP65
> waterfall continues to function along with the waterfalls clock. I tried
> for days trying all kinds of Linrad configurations with no luck.
> The hardware is a brand new RF Space SDR-IQ receiver and 2.7 GHz
> computer with 2 gigs of Ram.

What versions of Linrad and MAP65-IQ are you using?  I 
strongly recommend that you start by installing the packaged 
combination of Linrad 3.05b and MAP65-IQ r1116, available at 

Have you read and followed the steps outlined in "Quick 
Start Guide for MAP65-IQ" available at 
?  With what success?

Run-time error messages from MAP65-IQ code appear in the 
DOS-like command-prompt window (the one with black 
background) that starts when MAP65-IQ is launched.  What 
error messages appear there when the first decode fails?

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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