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[Linrad] Re: Linrad and MAP65IQ not working

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i found again the solution on my side.
i have a mistake in the frequency range - my settings was 100khz
Map65-IQ works only with 80 khz good - on my side.
So sometimes Linrad made a problem , some times Map65.
Check the range
vy 73 de Carsten
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Subject: [Linrad] Linrad and MAP65IQ not working

Hello All,
I am new to the group and joined because I just spent the last two weeks trying to get Linrad and MAP65 to work with no success.
I am able to get Linrad and Winrad working very nicely however.
The problem is that when MAP65IQ tries to decode the first sequence of data, the clock freezes on MAP65 and there are no decode but the MAP65
waterfall continues to function along with the waterfalls clock. I tried for days trying all kinds of Linrad configurations with no luck.
The hardware is a brand new RF Space SDR-IQ receiver and 2.7 GHz computer with 2 gigs of Ram.
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