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[Linrad] A/D Margin 0.00


I have a question, why? 

I am using Linrad-03.08 with Perseus. I have a 144 to 28 converter in front of the Perseus. I have discovered something that surprises me. When pointing my antenna in 1 direction the A/D amplitude margin starts in the 60's but in a short period of time, (less than a minute) it drops to 0.00. All of the other Amplitude margins remain good and I see no trace on the waterfall display indicating a strong signal had appeared and caused the A?D to drop to zero. Everything appears to be working fine. Hitting the "Z" key rerstors the A?D margin but  in less than a minute it drops to 0.00. This is directional. When pointing mu antenna in other directions the A?D does not drop..


Stan, KA1ZE/3, FN01xt/EL87


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