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[Linrad] RE: Frequency adjust with transverter

Hello Adrian,
> I couldnt find how to setup the LO to show the right frequency on the
> linrad screen (windows version), any help will be apreciated.

The standard distribution of Linrad can control the LO of some hardwares:
The WSE converters, Perseus, SDR-14 and SDR-IQ. Then you just enter the
desired center frequency in the frequency box and the hardware will use it
and the frequency read-outs will become close to correct. It is possible
to set parameters to compensate from the possible small deviations from
nominal frequencies in the hardware.

If you have some other hardware, just do not specify any parallel port
to tell Linrad there is no WSE hardware. Then you would have to enter 
the correct center frequency (the one actually used by your hardware) 
in the frequency box. (In newcomer mode it carries the label "Center Freq")

You may change users.c to make it set the frequency of whatever hardware
you are using via the serial or parallel port. (Surely it would be 
possible to do it via USB, Firewire or whatever, but then you would have 
to add the appropriate DLLs.) Then rename to wusers_hwaredriver.c and 
recompile. (Easy, everything needed is available on the Linrad home page.)


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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