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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-08.08

Hello Leif,

Thank you for the update. I am using it with the Perseus. I like the centering feature right clicking the Frequency bar.

I have had an ongoing problem with audio popping. I have noticed a couple of things when the pop occurs. 1.) I get the pop when the Main Waterfall drops down. 2.) I also see a spike in the CPU usage in Windows Task Manager. I have had the audio drop out and needed to X out of the program and start again. When this happened the Task Manager indicated CPU usage at 100%. Linrad is using about 14% of CPU. This is a remote location and I use Logmein to view the screen. Logmein at times jumps to 50% CPU. My conclusion is the popping is caused by not enough CPU to run Linrad on the computer. I need Logmein to control the computer.

73, Stan KA1ZE

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Hello All,

This version has an alternative way of setting the display
range for the main spectrum/waterfall. Click the frequency

Download and some more info at the bottom of this page:


Leif / SM5BSZ

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