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[Linrad] Re: sdr-iq and fc11/linrad problem

Hi Leif,

I made a fresh install of fc11 on a 32bits laptop and compiled xlinrad
+sdr14 from start but with the same result. Also tried the PAE kernel
with the same results. Tried fc12-alpha but it turned out thats to
early for now :-), so went back to fc10. Linrad with sdr-iq is running
fine now.

I can't find out what the problem was, but I had some more issues on
fc11 that locked up the computer. It looks to me that something is
changed in the kernel from fc11. Example firefox loading webpages with
heavy graphics locked up the computer completely.  I saw on google
that more users experience the same problems and going back to fc10.

73 Rob

On 12 sep, 14:19, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Rob,
> > I have upgraded from linux fedora core 10 to fc11 and I have now
> > problems getting sdr-iq running with linrad.
> > Everything was fine with fc10.
> > Linrad is running ok on fc11 using the internal soundcard.
> > For loading the ft245 driver I use:
> > - rmmod ftdi_sio
> > - /etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 restart
> > I see in /var/log/messages that the sdr-iq is detected and is using
> > the ft245 driver
> > Then I start
> > ./xlinrad
> > Going to U to setup the input
> > Then I see the screen:
> > "An SDR is detected on the USB port. Do you........" etc
> > At this moment FC11 freezes and I have to reboot
> I have made a fresh install of Fedora 11 and I tried to compile
> the ft245 driver for both of the kernels on my system. First I had to do:
> yum install kernel-devel-
> yum install kernel-devel-
> (after su root)
> After a reboot xlinrad runs fine with SDR-14 under both klernels.
> Your problem is presumably because you have upgraded from fc10 to fc11
> maybe the kernel is the same but that something nevertheless is different
> in the headers. Make sure to run "make sdr14" in the new environment.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
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