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[Linrad] RX overrun error


What RX overrun error 0 means? I am getting this error almost immediately when I hit D to proceed SSB. I tried different configuration, but I get it even with all default parameters. I also have one more error - RX A/D speed error. Both errors appear regardless sampling speed. I am using Lenovo W500 notebook, with Windows Vista, Core 2 Duo T9400 @xxxx GHz, 4 GB RAM, internal sound cards Conexant  High Definition SmartAudio 221.

I had Windows XP on the notebook, but it behaves the very same? I also tried use external FireWire sound card Presonus FireBox and Virtual Audio Cable sound devices, same results.

When I tried these sound devices with WSJT, sampling correction factors were very close to 1 (1.0001, 1.0002).

Any recommendation/advise welcome.

vy 73 Jan

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