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[Linrad] Re: swap i/q data

Hi Rob,

> Mni Thanks it worked :-)

> It was for a windows computer so I had to compile a linrad.exe from my
> linux computer for the first time.
Oooh! You can compile under Windows as easily - but only on 32 bit platforms
because nasm creates problems on 64 bit systems.

> Installed the standard mingw32 for
> fedora 10 ( yum install mingw32-\* ). This is without the i586-
> mingw32msvc-gcc package which is needed. This one I downloaded from
> your website. I noticed that the i586-mingw32msvc-gcc package is hard
> to find on the internet.
> Maybe I was looking at the wrong places...
I think it is easy to find for those who know where it is;-) 
I am pretty sure there is a mingw32msvc-gcc.i586 or similar that
yum would know about.....

I am glad my making it available made it easier for you this time.-)



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