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[Linrad] Re: Linrad, MAP65, Windows XP, MAP65 I-Q, Firewall exceptrions

On Jul 27, 5:04 pm, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Rein,
> > I will wirte a detailed setup page shortly.
> > My apologies for all the bandwith for trying to find a
> > solution for my problem here. and thanks for all the
> > answers and contributions.
> Hopefully your new page will make it easier to get started
> with the Linrad/MAP65 combination. There is also the page by
> Gaëtan, ON4KHG to help to make life easier for newcomers.
> "All the bandwidth" has given me a better understanding of
> the problems so I have modified the network setup. Just a few
> words, but hopefully enough. I have also rewritten the first
> part here:http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/run/network.htm
> I think that the small changes would have been sufficient
> to make you avoid the problems you had. Exactly how to
> set up a firewall is another thing - but once you know
> where the problem is it should not be too difficult:-)
> It is not so easy to be able to write the relevant information
> without feedback. There is a zillion interesting things that
> one can write about - and with too much information it will
> become impossible to find the relevant pieces.....
>   73
> Leif / SM5BSZ

Hi Leif,

Yes Graetan has a very good procedure and write up.
I hope to build upon and extend it in regard of this
 firewall issue.

There is nothing for you to do about the firewall.
It is the user,  installing / using the program that
should be aware of the situation.

Having the wirewall in operation and I think most
Windows XP/Vista/Windows& users will or
do, requires to rate or assign if you will,  Linrad as
"friendly or acceptable".on the MAP65 computer.

If properly done I do not think that the protection
provided by the firewall takes much resources or
is slowing things down.

If this is not done, the firewall prevents the MAP65
computer to accept data from Linrad, regardless
the network setup.

I do not understand why in case of a stand alone
installation of Linrad, the firewall exception is asked
for, ( a yes answer does the trick ) while in the
case of MAP65 I-Q where Linrad is loaded with
MAP65 i-Q  MAP65 goes to the test, and if approved
the progam is in the exception list while Linrad is being
asked for approval, and if approved by the user, it is
NOT placed in the exception list!

So bottom line is, users should be aware of this odd
behaviour, That is really all.

I like perhaps to suggest you to add a green indicator
somewhere in the program, may be at the lttle
freq/attenuation window and even only present when
Linrad is in network mode. The indicator would be on
when Linrad is streaming data ( after the "T" keystroke
and the "W" save Key )

73 Rein W6SZ

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