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[Linrad] Re: Article on config. of Linrad networked with other Linrad/MAP65

Hi Graetan,

Thanks again for submitting the article.

Perhaps Leif can link to it from his web pages.

Could you please have a look at what I wrote/asked  about the firewall settings
on my 2 computer setup?

It is under "Firewall"  on the Goggle Reflector. As I told you,
I had with the exception of the introduction of the par_netsend_ip
parameter everything you state in your fine paper, with still no 
linrad -> map65 data flow however.

I am only interested in linrad computer to MAP65 computer ( no multi casting )

73 Rein W6SZ.

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>Subject: [Linrad] Article on config. of Linrad networked with other Linrad/MAP65
>On my webpage http://home.versateladsl.be/cesgai00 , I've put an
>article related to the subject. Any comment for improvement of it is
>Best 73's,
>GaÃtan, ON4KHG

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