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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hi Rein,

> I don't believe it is language matter. It is more
> I think, like in a school class, a world wide school
> class. Also if there were a good recording mechanism
> where questions and answers would be stored in such a way
> that one could go and read first ( I know most of us fail
> in that activity ) 
The problem is that there would be too many uninteresting 
questions and answers.

> before asking repeat questions over and over.
> The last, being hard on the designer/teacher.
This does not happen at all. As you can see on the list there
are very few questions - and very seldomly any repeated
questions. Those questions that I get normally leads to a change
somewhere and that results in a smaller probability for
others to run into the same problem.

I do welcome questions on the list. Answers and comments 
from others help me to understand what the problem might

For the par_netsend_ip problem I have added that it should
be created with a text editor. Single line in format:
Linrad-03.07 and later.



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