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[Linrad] Re: Network ( network setup )

Hello All again,

The story is as follows:

I selected "2"

The following message shows:

 Default address is 239:255:0:0
 Set new addres -1 to read from file
 par_netsend_ip or etc.

  Assuming this is the point to change a send IP
  and receive IP ?

  Either the par_netsend_Ip file is just missing

  or a par_netsend_ip file should have been created
  ahead of time with  the desired IP in it

  Waht form ?   just xxx:yyy:0:0 or with name [           ]

If the file does not exists the program might not like
this....... Perhaps reason for hang up?.

Possible conclusion:

create 2 par_net,,,,, file with desired Ip's

In light  of the   "239" problem I have
my 2 network cards configured manually to

linrad machine:


MAP machine:


these 2 IP's provide me full networking ( in Windows )
between the 2 machines,

Should one use numbers like these working numbers
to put in the 2 par_netxxx_ip files?

This leaves MAP65. I

Do not know whether MAP65 talks back to the WINRAD

And how to program MAP65 computer with correct IP?

Corrections to my way of thinking are welcome.

73 Rein W6SZ

On Jul 16, 4:41 pm, Rein w6sz <rein...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello All,
> This will be a record of the network setup
> procedure as I experience it. Not necessary
> the correct sequence of events.
> Having looked at the linrad home page and
> looked at the notes on Networking, I made
> a fresh installation of the Windows version
> 3,06 on a XP 1.9 GHz computer with 512 MB
> memory, a Delta44 sound card., an USB
> wireless adapter, network card 10/100 MB.
> Linrad installation is complete. Linrad working
> with delta44 and sound OK.
> On the Linrad Home page is a section on networking
> In the main menu I selected "N" to start network setup
> I selected I believe 2 or 3, do not quite remember.
> The I idea was to either load the par_netsend_ip or to load
> from an existing file{?}  or put the given IP 239.,,,,
> in a par_netsend file..  Do not know what we are
> doing.
> I got the error message that I think is
> "could not load or process the 236....."
> And I menu is locked up. I can exit from Linrad
> via "X" and escape,
> Thsi seems to have to do witer with my machimes
> os I use or wah t have you it not LINRAD related
> it seems, but it prevents LINRAd from inputting
> another number
> If I restart Linrad and select "N" I get the above
> error message and find linrad not responsive .
> It  looks messy and ot complete I will repeat this
> by re-installing LINRAD from a fresh copy.
> Might be mistaken but I believe this is waht I need
> to do.
> Going back a few months I think I had the same results
> but set the installation aside.
> Extra note ( perhaps Important )
> In this process I have been trying to config
> the network card in this machine ( outside
> LInrad ) via Local network card procedures
> This is impossible! As soon as I enter 239
> The machine answers invalid number, should be
> smaller than 223 I think it is,
> I have repeated this procedure on another
> computer and get the same results,
> With IP sittings with the first block < 223
> I have the 2 cards working fine on a local
> network.
> Not sure whether we are creating a file with
> pat_netrec.ip specified i it or getting the IP
> address from an existing file.
> Will re_install Linrad and try to write
> down all the details next.

> 73 Rein W6SZ
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