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[Linrad] Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello All,

Finally gotten to the point that I would like
to run MAP65 with a SDR I-Q or a Softrock.
Not been very successful so far.

Need some serious help please.

Let me start with the computers.

1 XP machine and a laptop with XP.

Both computers have network cards and
run on a WiFi router for the internet.remote
in the house

Network do cards communicate.

Linrad versions run with DELTA44 or SDR I-Q

Assuming that MAP65 will work with Linrad without
compiling. Perhaps that is not so?

Also that the communication part would be very
basic ( see the the lights run on the network cards )

Or perhaps some indication "data transferring"
 or so. This is possibly present ,but it does not
show here, except the red "no rx data"
The could be a difference between data streaming
and "rx data present".

  Matters of format

I have been told that downloading the programs
from the web sites, installing them, do it.
Such as just linrad and WSJT.

On this reflector, I see notes and message about
IP's , par_netsend_ip, par_netsend_ip files,

Not even 100 % sure that I have these names correct!

I must be missing an important part here or overlooking
an important section of the installation?

Have Linrad3.06 on one computer and MAP65 on the

Have done the "N" and "8" selections. And Delta44
selected, That part is all working as, is MAP65
on the other computer, Can go into transmit etc
MAP65 shows the green Receiving label as soon as
I start MAP65, and the

Red "No Rx data"....

With Linrad T activated and NETSEND on, linrad
running and receiving in SSB mode.

It's quite clear that the 2 computers are not working
together.There is also no activity visible on the network
card led's. In Dos I can PING the computers both ways.

It looks that linrad in the send mode is not able to
communicate with the other computer most likely
due to lack of the correct IP

From the reflector I have deciphered that the IP's need
to be processed or put in a file.

It is frustrating to me that with some 250 network
messages one way or another on this reflector.
( Google MAP65 network ) and that that I can't
figure this all out myself,
But that is what it is

In the linrad directory is a file par_network,
created when I did "N" or perhaps "R".
That is all I see network related.

I have also gotten the impression that
linrad needs certain adjustments etc.
or setting, also that it should work as
it is downloaded.

In the hope to get some help,

73 Rein W6SZ

On the master computer, I put the IP address of the destination
computer (slave) in the par_netsend_ip => this is correct
On the slave computer, I put the IP address of the master computer in
the par_netrec_ip => this was not correct !!! the par_netrec_ip must
include the IP of the slave computer itself.
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