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[Linrad] Re: Sampling and FFT SDR-IQ

Hi Leif,

I am keeping some notes.  When I get enough, I will send them to you.
May help someone in the future.

When I change the par files, I often get a waterfall display with large
negative frequencies across the top.  I have a hard time getting Fmin at
the top left and Fmax at the top right.

I have
xM_CIC2 [7]
M_CIC5 [25]
M_RCF [3]
points per pixel [1]
pixels per xpoint [0]
first xpoint [258]
xpoints [1024]
freq [0.025000000372529029846191406250]

When I start xlinrad and press B, I get
1st point -36.4846 KHz,  last point -28.5714KHz.

What determines the frequency displayed across the top?


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