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[Linrad] Sampling and FFT SDR-IQ

Hi Leif,

I am still working with linrad and the SDR-IQ and trying to understand
things.  Is this is off topic?

In an earlier email, you wrote:

> Now, if you want 4000 to 21000 Hz on a screen that is e.g. 1100 pixels
> wide you would want a bin separation of (21000-4000)/1100 = 15.4545 
> Hz/pixel. Linrad can only compute FFT in sizes that are powers of two 
> so you would have to use an FFT size of 2048 or more. You may choose 
> larger if you like. The sampling rate that you would have to set 
> would be:
>  FFT size     Sampling rate
>   2048            31.65 kHz
>   4096            63.30 kHz
>   8192           126.60 kHz
> I would suggest a sampling speed of about 126 kHz

How do I get from (21000-4000)/1100 = 15.4545 to a sampling rate of 2048
or greater.  Is this because in the SDR produces I and Q and I need 2
bins per pixel?


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