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[Linrad] Re: Feature Request

Hi Leif,

Thanks for the reply.  I am beginning to understand some of this.

I am looking in VLF, up to 30KHz.  I want to see SID, tweeks, etc.

The VLF stations are in the range of 10 to 25KHz.  So I would use 9KHz
as the lower frequency and 26KHz as the upper.

The other mode is 100Hz to 15KHz.  Depending on activity, I would choose
a subset of this, e.g. 7KHz as the lower frequency and 14KHz as the

I will play with this.

I have not been able to reliably replicate the failure mode.  I can get
it to happen at random times.  I ran xlinrad several hours while doing
other things, editing, switching windows, moving windows, starting
applications, using gdb, etc.  I had some ft245 entries in
var/log/messages the first time I started xlinrad, but, nothing after.
And, no overrun errors.  I stopped and started xlinrad several times in
this period with no additional entries in var/log/messages.  I will poke
at it now and then.  I keep a log of par* files, so I can capture the
setup if I can reproduce the errors.


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