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[Linrad] Re: Receiving sometimes stop

Hello Leif,

Yes, I must monitor SELECT line for RX10700. I will setup

- LO of RX10700 sometimes has the hiccup without command
   from Linrad. I've seen changing frequency or losing in
   display on spectrum analyzer.
- Hardware test on Linrad is no problem. HC03 is maybe OK.
- When working stable, no problem with joggling the Dsub
   and the cable.
- I'm running terminal window(s) and Linrad only but I do
   not know any daemon of the fedora 10 touches parallel

Today RX10700 box works fine so far!

Isao / JM1WBB

On 2009/05/28, at 8:10, Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hello Isao,
>> 3) Local oscillator testing with the spectrum analyzer
>>      - When had a problem, LO didn't work or maybe worked with
>>        incorrectly X'tal.
>>      - When had a problem, voltage of R4, R5, R6 and R10 were
>>        minus level. And all of X and Y at the U6/U7 were High.
> ????????????
> When all X and Y on U6 and U7 are high, the voltage on R4, R5,
> R6 and R10 must be high too. It is the same test point;-)
> Anyway, the same voltage on all is an error. One, and one only
> should be negative while the others have to be positive.
>>        But it seems to me that hardware test in Linrad was OK.
>>      - When had a problem, the X'tal selection occasionally
>>        changed if the coil was touched by my finger.
> Touching the coil should not affect anything.
>>      - Changing normal/problem by D-sub on/off.
>>      - working normally at the start but will go problem and
>>        return to normal suddenly.
> Do you really mean it will return to normal suddenly without
> any activity on the computer from your side?
> I could imagine a loose connection or a short in the control interface
> between the computer and the WSE unit, but it seems unlikely that
> the unit would go back to normal operation by itself.
> If there is an intermittent error you might find that Linrad sometimes
> can send a command sucessfully but that random pulses due to some
> short or loose connection could store incorrect data in U3.
> If something causes an error on the SELECT line to the RX10700 the  
> data
> in U2 will be transferred to U3 and that will likely cause an error.
> U2 only has the correct data when Linrad uses the SELECT line to clock
> in the new data.
> Maybe you have some other software that writes to the parallel port
> occasionally? Perhaps the parallel port is in some kind of unusual
> mode that is not compatible with the way it is used in Linrad.
>> I was aware after re-connecting 4 boxed that 143.975,
>> 144.025-075, 125-175, 225-275, 325-375, 425-475 were NG and
>> others were OK between 143.975 and 144.500 MHz. But all of QRG
>> are NG now.
>> I'm very confusing... What is no good in my systems? PC?
> Connectors, cables or the PC. I think. Can you monitor the voltage
> on the RX10700 SELECT line? Does it change by itself? It should
> stay permanently low except when Linrad reprograms the RX10700
> frequency.
> (Just be careful to not send +15V or -15V into the computer
> parallel port if you measure on the d-sub. More safe to do
> measurements on U4 in the WSE box.)
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ

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